What is the difference between "Performance" and "Hybrid" Polos?

A: The simple answer is that Performance Polos are great for hot humid summer weather. Hybrid Polos are good for summer, and great for all other seasons both on the course or in the office or at home. Below is a detail of the 2 fabrics.


Does Crappy Golfers Associsation offer Women's Apparel as well?

Yes. We offer all the same apparel styles and sizes tailored to women. Please email crappygolfers@gmail.com directly for your request and we will happily fulfill your order. Please allow 10 - 12 business days for delivery.


 When does my order ship?

Product that is in inventory ships within 3 days.

Out-of-stock or made-to-order product ships 10 - 12 business days.


What is the difference between "Special Sale" and "Super Special Sale"?

Our "Special Sale" are items we get at significantly lower prices than retail with unique added features like Body Mapping or 2 color designs. These will rotate occasionally. Our "Super Special Sale" are very very limited sizes and colors at unbelievable discounted prices. We constantly explore new high quality samples that we can share with you. We will offer these only through the blog or newsletter.


Do you have a size chart with measurements?

 Men's Size Chart

chest35 - 3738 - 4041 - 4344 - 4647 - 49
neck14 - 14.515 - 15.516 - 16.517 - 17.5 18 - 18.5
Women's Size Chart
chest35 - 3637 - 3840 - 4244 - 4648 - 50
size46 - 810 - 1214 - 1618 - 20

Can I tear off the embroidery backing?
The embroidery backing is designed to dissolve and fall off during the first few wash cycles. You can carefully pull off the backing as this occurs. It will not effect the embroidery.
Is there any volume discounts for my group?
We offer group discounts on a case by case basis. Please email us at crappygolfers@gmail.com to discuss opportunities.
Can I sell Crappy Golfers Association apparel in my store / golf course clubhouse?
Please email us at crappygolfers@gmail.com to discuss wholesale opportunities.