About Us

GOLF - we LOVE this game! The great shots, and the lousy shots! Its funny how easy, and frustrating, golf can be. It’s in that spirit we created Crappy Golfers Association.

We all have that ability to hit that great shot, yet when we really want to do it, that’s when we hit the ball into the water, or choke on that crucial putt. We wind up hitting that crappy shot at the most inopportune times.

Crappy Golfers started when I retired to Myrtle Beach and needed some new golfing buddies. So I went on Craigslist and posted “crappy golfers wanted…” and got a great response. Over time, we formed a small group of friends - we golf, we hang out, we meet for dinners. We are a little crappy golfers association.

To be funny, I had a couple shirts made, and everyone loved ‘em. I constantly get asked where I got it. Random people wanted their own. So I got the name trademarked, found a factory, made some samples, and now I'm offering to you at great prices.

So make it official, join our team. By supporting us, you are joining 90% of the golfing public. Wear it with Pride! Order one for your special Crappy Golfer in the family, even if that happens to be you!

Remember – You’re not awful, just Crappy!!!