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    Our goal is to unify the REAL golfing public with a great shirt and an incredible embroidered logo.

    We are always on the search for unique looking shirts at incredible prices which offer all the qualities that shirts twice as much offer.

    In this blog, we shall sometimes present even greater values but on a limited quantity and limited size basis. Please check back every so often for these deals as well.

    To just talk, email us at




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      On May 18, 2021

    • gary says...

      We just got in a super special on greg norman signature shirts (shark symbol on back collar)
      Red, Green …..medium
      Red, Dark Blue…….XL
      they are $25.00 ea…….sell in stores $85.

      email me at

      On August 05, 2014

    • gary says...

      if you are a dealsaver customer and you need additional hats email me at and we will satisfy your needs. The next dealsaver will be unlimited quantities.

      On August 05, 2014

    • donald miller says...

      purchased a hat on line dealsaver cant find your store would like to purchase more please let me know your address thank you

      On August 04, 2014

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