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    Our goal is to unify the REAL golfing public with a great shirt and an incredible embroidered logo.

    We are always on the search for unique looking shirts at incredible prices which offer all the qualities that shirts twice as much offer.

    In this blog, we shall sometimes present even greater values but on a limited quantity and limited size basis. Please check back every so often for these deals as well.

    To just talk, email us at




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    • Williamthist says...

      my website

      On March 31, 2020

    • gary says...

      we do have 3x sizes as well……..just not in all the styles and colors.
      email me and i can get you a color choice…..both performance and hybrid designs.
      thanks, gary, fellow crappy golfer

      On June 07, 2015

    • gary says...

      ladies….. we have NOT forgotten about you…….we can special order ladies (solid color, performance or hybrids).
      just email me directly with size and color and i can invoice you directly thru paypal and get it out to you in 2 weeks??

      and i know for a fact he is always a bigger crappy golfer!!!

      On June 03, 2015

    • Susan Dale says...

      Hope you eventually expand to include the many “crappy” golfing women out there. My husband and I both golf but, for the record, he’s crappier than I am!

      On April 17, 2015

    • gary says...

      for those lucky crappy golfers who read this post, we have a phenomenal lined fleece jacket in navy, in limited sizes and quantities, for the ridiculous price of $32.00 with free shipping.
      just email me your request and size and we can complete the order thru paypal………limited quantities but they are well worth it….along with the embroidered logo, naturally.

      On December 07, 2014

    • gary says...

      we had growing pains with the hybrid polo orders… should have received it by now. sorry for the delay, but we are trying to get rid of the delays from the factory.
      thanks for your patience.

      On December 07, 2014

    • joan mergins says...

      I ordered a shirt three weeks ago and have not heard or seen my purchase….please let me know what is the problem

      On November 24, 2014

    • gary says...

      Crappy golfers will have a booth at the Dickens Xmas Show in the myrtle beach convention center from nov.13 thru nov. 16.
      Great values there for one-of-a-kind items.

      On October 28, 2014

    • gary says...

      Just email me at
      colors …..white, red, pink, navy, royal blue, stone and khaki.

      On September 13, 2014

    • Barb says...

      Where can I get the “Crappy Golfers” hats?

      On September 10, 2014

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